Cost to Build a House

The Cost of Building a Home

One of the first steps to building a house is planning your budget.

When considering the cost to build a house, you first must consider your budget. How much can you afford to spend on building a new home? Once you’ve decided on how much you can spend than you can start thinking of the design and features of the house. An experienced Home builder like Construction etc can help you research the most cost effective ways to build your dream home.

Cost of Location

When considering building a home choosing where to build it can have direct effects on your budget. When choosing a location to build keep in mind the zoning and building codes in the area. Violating these codes not only require money to fix the mistakes but in some cases you will receive fines for violating building and zoning laws. Considering the Soil conditions and Drainage on the property are important to when considering to build a home. Making sure your soil and drainage are optimal for home building will insure your homes long term health and reduce maintenance fees.

Cost of the Contractor/ Builder

Getting the best rate on a Contractor can be a tricky process. Collecting bids is a good way to determine what the actual cost of a contractors gonna be. Its highly recommended that you start the process of looking for a contractor/ builder asap. Having as many estimates as possible will help insure your getting the best rate on the contractor. Price is important, but sacrificing safety and quality are never good especially when building your home. When getting estimates from contractors/ builders ask to see there portfolio, ask to talk with a few old clients. Asking these simple questions will give you insight as to how that particular contractor does business and what type of quality you can expect from him.


These are just a few examples of what to evaluate when trying to figure the cost to build a house. This Informational article was made by If you’re thinking of building a home and have questions about budget, costs, building codes, etc. please call (785)770-0036. We are more than happy to educate and assist the Community of Manhattan, KS on best building practices.



The cost of building a House
The cost of building a House